Shauncastic 80: Thrones, Games, & Dragons


Where our cast discusses Game of Thrones and the Shauncastic: Women of Geekdom 2013 Calendar Kickstarter. Note: the Kickstarter is not live yet, but will be shortly.

We focus on the first season and novel as well as discuss our anticipation of Season 2. There are major spoilers for Season One and some minor spoilers for Season Two. But nothing too bad. 🙂
This week’s Prequel Segment is on the upcoming movie: “Mr. Quasniki Goes to Washington “.

The “Cast” this week is Victoria “Dash”, Jay “The Lager” and James “Humperdink” .

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“Mr. Quasniki Goes to Washington “

The Trailers of Game of Thrones Season 2.
The “Shadow” Trailer
The “Power and Grace” Trailer
The “More You Love” Trailer

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