Shauncastic 96: Webslingin’


Where our cast talks about the Spider-Man, his popularity and review “The Amazing Spider-Man”.
This week’s Prequel Segment is New Spiderman 2012 Who is Miles Morales? .

The “Cast” this week is Nathan the “Darkish Knight”, Carlberg “The Troublemaker” and a brand new castmate: Rico “The Thumper”!

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PREQUEL:New Spiderman 2012 Who is Miles Morales? .

A Closer Look at The Spider-Mobile!!

The Untold Tales of Spider-Man
Amazing Fantasy 16-18
“Brand New Day”
“Kraven’s Last Hunt”
“If This Be My Destiny”
“The Other”
“The Gauntlet”
Venoms first appearance (The Amazing Spider-Man #300)
The Amazing Spider-Man 375-377
The Spectacular Spider-Man #200
The Night Gwen Stacy Died (The Amazing Spider-Man #121-122)
Back in Black

Avoid: Spider-Clone Saga
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