Shauncastic 100: A Look Back, A Peek Forward


Where our cast discusses the first 100 episodes of Shauncastic, Interview Shaun and look towards the future of the show.

The “Cast” this week is DrMrsTheAwesome, Dash, Gary from Revolution Sci-Fi, “iBall” Will and “Shmuffins” Jenna Busch!
Our Interviewers for this 100th episode is Nathan “The Darkish Knight”, Bill “The Tall”, Tommy “The Best Friend” and DrMrsTheAwesome.
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The Prequel has been semi-retired for TWO new Segments starting this week!

Intro To Geek: This is a weekly segment where one of us will review a Movie, TV Show, Video Game etc… and give our opinion on it so others can choose to “Buy It, Rent it, Skip it”. This week we review theThe Seven Samurai – with Christina “The Brownie” and Jenna Busch!
Spears and Crumpets: Jenna Busch hosts this weekly segment introducing you to fresh awesome geeky things you should check out this week!
This Weeks Suggestions Are:

Timeline Notes!!!
Since this episode is so long, we put in some simple notes as to what each segment is in case you want to jump around!
Intro To Geek: 11:00
The History Of Shauncastic: 24:25
Our Favorite Episodes (links below): 47:25
The Cast Interviews Shaun: 1:11:30
The Rewards of Shauncastic: 2:26:00
Shaun Gets Deep: 02:57:40
Spears and Crumpets: 03:02:57

The Cast’s Favorite Episodes!!!!!

Ep 02: The Wussification of America, Part One
Ep 03: The Wussification of America, Part Two
Ep 18: Come To Jesus, White People, Part One
Ep 19: Come To Jesus, White People, Part Two
Ep 20: Come To Jesus, White People, Part Three
Ep 33: 80’s Trainwreck
Ep 38: Jar Jar, Tattoos and Sith Lords
Ep 43: Male Parental Unit
Ep 45: Female Parental Unit
Ep 56: Hipsters Suck
Ep 57: DCnU Revue
Ep 59: Things, Saws, Aliens, Jaws and Zombies
Ep 61: Sparkling Effing Vampires
Ep 83: Never Give Us Powers
Ep 94: From 2D to 3D in Bloody Technicolor
Ep 95: Smells Like 90s Music
And the Episode where Gary fell asleep and we left it in Ep 73: Fulfilling the Prophecy

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