Shauncastic 102: Censorship in Comics


Where our cast discusses Alan Moore, The Neonomicon, and the History of Censorship in Comics.

The “Cast” this week is Jay “The Lager” and Gary from Revolution Sci-Fi

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Alan Moore Scares Us in Something Positive
Intro To Geek: This is a weeks review is Metroplois – with Christina “The Brownie” and Jenna Busch!
Spears and Crumpets: Jenna Busch hosts this weekly segment introducing you to fresh awesome geeky things you should check out this week!
This Weeks Suggestions Are:

Timeline Notes!!!
Our Moment of Silence for The Aurora Shootings: 08:19
Intro To Geek: 09:47
Censorship in Comics: 28:35
Spears and Crumpets: 01:43:31
Jenna’s First Dragon*Con and the Pinch Chris Gore Ass Plan: 01:49:42


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