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Flashcards 13: Blood and Guts Part One


Welcome back to Flashcards! This week, the cast sits down to discuss one of the more popular New 52 reboots with, Wonder Woman: Blood.

The “Cast” this month is “Just” Jessa, Sam “Luscious Locks”, and Rob “The English Teacher”.

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Wonder Woman: Blood

Shauncastic 174: Putting Down the PC Card


The cast rings in 2015 with a BANG as they discuss why it might be time to put down the PC Card. WARNING! Some of this podcast may shock or offend, but we feel that it’s an important conversation. We can guarantee that it has more Shauncastic awesome than any other podcast yet released in 2015.

The “Cast” this week is Brittney “the Cleavage”, Ryan “the Sisko”, and Nathan “the King of Forethought”.

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