Shauncastic 241: Unholy Rumble



Welcome to the Final Episode of the Long Halloween 2016! To ring out this year, we’re literally going to have a showdown of the scariest monsters in movie history. From Freddy vs Jason to Pinhead vs Pennywise, we have the biggest baddest creatures to ever paint the silver screen crimson. Strap in folks, it’s a ride full of twists, turns and the crowning of a very unusual (but awesome) Ruler of Halloween!

Here’s your starting bracket!

  • Leatherface vs Chucky
  • Queen Alien vs Predator
  • MIchael Meyers vs The Creeper
  • Pinhead vs Pennywise
  • Frankenstein’s Monster vs The Thing
  • Dracula vs Werewolf
  • Freddy vs Jason
  • The Balrog vs Audrey II

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